Risto Tammilehto med vänner

We, Risto Tammilehto med vänner (Risto Tammilehto with friends), are a group making music mainly in Swedish. We are united by our love for rock-, pop-, and country music from the 1970s and 1980s.

We started out some years ago just having fun, first by trying to make some recordings by ourselves.

The next step was recording cover songs in our studio, and now we have released several CD’s with our own music, including lyrics, arrangements and production.

During this, the specific sound of our group was formed, that is organically played instruments, a melodic, catchy melody, with multi-part vocals and tasty guitar parts.

The original members of our group are; songwriter and guitarist Erkki Kuuttila, our producer Christer Boström and myself.

Anna Vihonen participated during the years 2017 – 2019 as a vocalist. In 2019 Jennie Lillandt, a vocalist and flutist, also joined us. Many other musicians have also participated.

We are now fully concentrating on working in our studio and live performances are therefore not possible for the time being.

As we had a few of our songs played on radio (Finnish YLE), we got the possibility to reach out to some new listeners and followers on social media.

Now we are looking forward to getting feedback on our latest CD single with the song Pedro and Spegeln (The mirror).

Our plans for this year are to continue releasing music of our own, that is, at the end of this year we expect to release a new EP

We are driven by the need to continuously improve ourselves and to show that the music out of our hearts is genuine and timeless.

Our dream is to prove that such music still can be made today in Sjundeå (Siuntio) –in Finland.

– Risto

Risto Tammilehto

Risto’s love for music began in his teens. When he got he first proper guitar, he started pretty soon his first band, and together they were playing dance music for over ten years, performing mainly in southern Finland.

After the millennium, Risto became the drummer in a blues band which also performed at several festivals in Europe, e.g. in Poland and Germany.

You can also enjoy his dark and warm voice and hearty versions, when he is performing as the troubadour “The singer and his guitar.

Erkki Kuuttila

Erkki’s career began when he was 7 years old with The Piano School by Michael Aaron. When he was 14 years old, he found his love for the electric guitar and from that day his passion for music began.

Erkki was approved only three years later to Oulunkylän pop/jazz opisto, where he got his education as a professional musician.

He has performed numerous times with many different bands and he has also been an active songwriter. During the last 30 years Erkki has been working as a guitar teacher. He has also founded an ukulele orchestra in Karkkila, being the orchestra’s Artistic Director.

Agneta Falck

Agneta has always sung and her first childhood memories are strongly connected to music.

”I didn’t grow up in a particularly musical family but music was present from early age.”

In the autumn of 2016 she held a concert under her own name at Tryckeriteatern in Karis. It was a breaking point. The concert paved way for many new projects.

Agneta is a true professional and a fantastic bundle of energy.