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Risto TAmmilehto med vänner

We, Risto Tammilehto med vänner (Risto Tammilehto with friends), are a group making music mainly in Swedish. We are united by our love for rock-, pop-, and country music from the 1970s and 1980s.

We started out some years ago just having fun, first by trying to make some recordings by ourselves.




Listen to Seglarens Önskemål

Summer! Right now, after a spring that turned our lives upside down, it feels, tastes, and sounds better than ever. And best of all, we are back in the studio…

Interview with Agneta Falck

Interview with Agneta Falck When did you decide to start singing I have always sung and my first childhood memories are strongly connected to music. I didn’t grow up in…
Risto Tammiletho Svenska Yle

Risto Tammilehto med vänner on the radio

Interviewed by Tiina Grönroos, editor and program manager at Svenska Yle. You can listen to the program 25.2. kl. 9.20 at Yle Vega. The program is also later on at…

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