Summer is here

Summer! Right now, after a spring that turned our lives upside down, it feels, tastes, and sounds better than ever.

And best of all, we are back in the studio again to resume our work on our next album.

Later in the autumn, we will publish an EP with new music, and from this we have picked the song Wishes of a Sailor, which I think fits so well to this season, because the sound, the beat, and above all the accordion is what the Nordic Summer idyll is all about.

The songwriter, Erkki Kuuttila, says that he got the inspiration on the fabulous islands of Gotland

“Some time ago I visited one of my friends in his cabin on Fårö. This island has become known as the home of the film director Ingmar Bergman, and for the rauks on the beaches, stone stands of different shapes and sizes.

One day, standing on the beach and skipping stones over the water, I looked at the open space in front of me, where the sea, the beach and the sky became one.

Sailboats were far away on the horizon and I wondered what life would be like on board one of those boats.

There and then the idea struck me – Wishes of a Sailor.

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Our new female member, singer/songwriter Agneta Falck, appears for the first time on this album Risto Tammilehto with Friends. Agneta is a true professional and a fantastic bundle of energy.

The studio musicians M T S, M L and P N gave their input to the summer vibes and the recording was made in the studio Master Record under the friendly and professional supervision of Suikki Jääskä.

So, listen to the song here, and please tell us what you think!!

Magnus Ljunqvist, Meri-Tuuli Saarnio och Pekka Nyman
Suikki Jääskä

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